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Change to Banner


After Jim's letter I called 3D Technology and spoke with them about our
concerns. I asked them what changes could be made to help eliviate the
issues with size of graphic, animation and such.

They were very attentive and understood what I was saying. Although as any
business would they expect us to keep the banner up for the alloted time
they did agree to change the banner.

They sent me the new banner about 15 minutes later and it is now in place.
Instead of it being 40k it is now 13k and there is no animation.
Personally I think it is much better than the old one as it is pretty
straight forward.

I also changed the size of the link of the "[Please visit the LDP logo
Sponsor]" to being quite a bit smaller.  The largest text on the page is
now, "The Linux Documentation Project".

Although I know that the only way to make everyone happy is to just remove
the banner, we are not in a position to do that. I am hoping that this
will be a happy medium until the DEC-15 date has passed.

Again, please let me stress that we are in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM trying to
commercialize, we were just trying to do something really cool for the
people submitting logo's to the contest.

Joshua Drake/Poet

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