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Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

Poet/Joshua Drake <poet@linuxports.com> writes:

> Even of those that read this letter and get pissed off, it will be a small
> majority, a vocal majority yes, but a small majority of the people
> actually involved with the LDP.

I'll agree that some things have improved.  But if you remove the
rose-coloured glasses for a moment, I think you will find a
substantial pool of discontentment that isn't registering with you.

Perhaps an informal poll of contributors to the LDP would be
informative.  You might be surprised by the results (or maybe you'd
just prove that I'm off-base).

Some sample questions:

 1) Are you happy with the present leadership and "core team" of the

     [ ] Yes
     [ ] Yes, with some reservations
     [ ] No

 2) On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being bad, and 10 being good, how would
    you rank:

     [  ] core team's consultation back to rest of project
          before doing things 
     [  ] responsiveness to new document submissions
     [  ] web site design
     [  ] "attitude" of core team
     [  ] image of LDP project
     [  ] existance of the new www.linuxdoc.org domain name
     [  ] existance of the new public mailing lists
     [  ] level and quality of discussion on mailing lists
     [  ] ease of working with project
     [  ] project organization

 3) As things currently stand, how would you rate your participation
    in the LDP in the future:

     [ ] I will contribute more
     [ ] I will contribute the same
     [ ] I will contribute less
     [ ] I will no longer be contributing
     [ ] Undecided, I will wait and see before deciding

 4) How do you see the LDP?

     [ ] primarily as a repository for documentation
     [ ] primarily as a website project
     [ ] both equally

 5) What sort of licensing would you prefer for LDP documents?

     [ ] Public domain
     [ ] GPL-style, where private forks of documents are not allowed
     [ ] Mixed - Any open source license allowed
     [ ] Mixed - Including closed source documents

 6) What structure would you like for the LDP:

     [ ] BSD-style: "Core Team" + everybody else
     [ ] Debian-style: everybody equal with a benevolent dictator

 7) Would you like to see a more formal organization with a
    constitution and voting structure?

     [ ] Yes
     [ ] No

    If so, who should be allowed to vote?

     [ ] Members only
     [ ] All project contributors
     [ ] The Linux community at large

Can anyone else think of any other questions for a survey that might
be informative or educational?

> Have a lovely weekend.

Yes, let's leave this for Monday.  Perhaps I'll give 3D Technology a
call them and see if I can sweet talk them into something more low-key
than a banner ad.  If we had to forgo their prizes, I'm sure I could
scare up the equivalent from VA or Penguin or somewhere else.


 - Jim

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