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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

It is not an issue of rose colored glasses or in a more reasonable tone,
not seeing the need for improvement. Of course improvements need to be
made and they are being made. Step by Step everyone is working hard to
make the LDP much better.

We have taken a lot of feedback any implemented it, and due to people like
David Lawyer and Alessandro we are getting outdated documents back up to

If you go through the archives you will see that many people do not agree
with every direction, in fact David and I have shared words several times
but he doesn't nor do I continue to fan flames of subjects that are dead.

We agree to disagree or agree to agree depending on the subject. 

I am not sure why you have chosen this subject as your cross to bear but
if you really feel the need to continue I suggest that the poll be taken
to the website where everyone who visits and uses the LDP can submit.

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