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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

"Poet" said (to Jim):
> I am not sure why you have chosen this subject as your cross to bear but
> if you really feel the need to continue I suggest that the poll be taken
> to the website where everyone who visits and uses the LDP can submit.

I happen to agree with Jim.

It may well be that non-LDP-contributors are happy with what
is happening, but I'm not at all sure I believe the majority of authors
and translators are happy with what is going on.

If I'm wrong then I want to know about it, I'll stop wasting my effort.

Let me ask some questions:
        Whose interest does the LDP "core" team represent?
        Who is the LDP "core" working most directly to help?

If your questions are to be published on the LDP web site then I suggest
you add a question that solicits information about whether the survey
response has come from someone that has actually contributed to the LDP
or not, and perhaps even what sort of contribution.

That way we can at least seperate the opinion of the wider community
from that of the LDP contributorship. If there is a difference then
perhaps we ought to be considering the implications of that.


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