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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

On 23 Oct, Robin Debreuil wrote:

> interests me. I am here because I am/was designing logos, and I didn't know
> if the focus of the LDP was on the writer or user. (Should a Penguin in a

I don't think we know either.
In my opinion the focus of the LDP should on the *documentation*, not
the reader or the writer. The readers and writers are certainly

You raise another extremely important question though. What is the
purpose of this list?

We seem to have gone from a position of having two quite disparate
mailing lists, one open with very little ldp contributor input, and one
closed exclusively LDP contributor, to a situation where now we have
this list which has served mostly to carry over discussion from the
formerly private list and confusion as to what the heck the
ldp-private list is.

> I dont think being nice is directly related to having a master, or having a
> contractual obligation. Its usually something people just do. Being a
> volunteer means there are nice things inside you, no?

Being "nice" doesn't preclude one from being emotionally committed.
Being a volunteer almost guarantees some level of emotional engagement.

> implemented. The site is pretty good for its target audience. So why all the
> hostility?

Some of us don't necessarily believe the web site properly represents
us. This is our project, and the web site, mirrored as it is in just
about every corner of the globe, is the most public face we have. If
what it says isn't what we believe then we'll dispute it. This isn't
the first time the banner ad issue has been raised and it's the nature
of the judgement used when entering into the contract in the first
place that was the particular aspect of the issue.

> Have a good one, I'll shutup now,

Don't let me discourage you from contributing opinion. I was a bit rash
in jumping on you, and I apologise for the unnecessarily blunt tone, but
the phrase "trust me" hit a raw nerve.


terry@animats.net, terry@linux.org.au, terry@albert.vk2ktj.ampr.org

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