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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

Firstly, full disclosure here, I do not write docs for Linux. I am an
animator. I use Linux for hosting, writing small perl scripts and because it
interests me. I am here because I am/was designing logos, and I didn't know
if the focus of the LDP was on the writer or user. (Should a Penguin in a
logo be reading or writing a document?). As an aside, I still am not sure of
the answer. "The Linux Documentation Project is working on developing good,
reliable docs for the Linux operating system." doesn't really clear that up,
as it seems to collect and store them more than do the writing... Obviously
a bit of both, but if the ultimate focus is on the reader, then I would say
everything is going pretty good at the LDP. Again, I don't write.

> The LDP is *not* a commercial organisation. We don't have any masters
> here. We have no contracted obligations to do as we're told. We are each
> volunteer contributors and do not need to conform to your measure of
> "professionalism".

I dont think being nice is directly related to having a master, or having a
contractual obligation. Its usually something people just do. Being a
volunteer means there are nice things inside you, no?
> > critique without insults. I'm not sure why doing something as esentially
> > voulenteer suddenly means everyone can pile on you, or go behind your
> > and attempt to undo what you've done. They website is fine. It is not
> > flashy, but that is normal for Linux sites. On top of that, I would bet
> > you came up with something 200% better they would put it up. As for the
> > banner, if you care that much about it, you are a great candidate to get
> > more involved. Logos are there to help give an organization an identity,
> > they can be very effective. They are not for vanity, trust me.
> I'll listen to it and consider it, but we should trust your opinion on
> this subject, why exactly?

Well, what I said was more from a user perspective than a writers. I guess
that makes me a third class opinion. I do know lots about web design though.
Lots about gui. Lots about logos. And even a fair amount about dealing with
other people, though I'm not great at it by any means. There were a few good
suggestions, they seem to have been mostly implemented, or are being
implemented. The site is pretty good for its target audience. So why all the

Have a good one, I'll shutup now,

Robin Debreuil


> regards
> Terry
> --
> terry@animats.net, terry@linux.org.au, terry@albert.vk2ktj.ampr.org

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