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Re: Banner ads

On 23 Oct, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> Display advertising in the 
> appropriate space (like the bottom of the contest page) coupled with the
> mention of the sponsor in any PR announcements, on the other hand, is
> acceptable but should not be given away lightly.


> There is another issue which may not have political correctness, but it
> is very true nonetheless: All of the publishers *owe* the LDP and should
> be the first people we contact for sponsorship.

I most certainly don't believe they "owe" the LDP anything. We freely
gave them the right to do what they've done, we should be happy to see
they've displayed confidence enough in us to to do so.

I may not agree with the sentiment, but I do agree 100% with the
suggestion though.

I personally would be pleased to see a publisher directly assisting the
LDP by way of simple, short term sponsorships for events of the like of
the logo contest.

If the prize were a twelve month subscription to a Linux magazine,
or an open voucher for books from a publisher I probably might have
considered contributing to the logo contest myself.

I write, so I read, right? (sorry, that was bad :)

As it is, the prize is really only going to be of much interest to US
citizens because of the power requirements unless the hardware is
intended for an export market.

The real point here is who do we want the LDP to be seen to be
associating with?

I think it portrays the LDP in a favourable light to be seen to be
working in association with the commercial publishing community.


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