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Re: Banner ads


> > There is another issue which may not have political correctness, but it
> > is very true nonetheless: All of the publishers *owe* the LDP and should
> > be the first people we contact for sponsorship.
> I most certainly don't believe they "owe" the LDP anything. We freely
> gave them the right to do what they've done, we should be happy to see
> they've displayed confidence enough in us to to do so.

The "owing" part is a little dramatic, but I think we all know the intent
of its suggestion.

> I may not agree with the sentiment, but I do agree 100% with the
> suggestion though.
> I personally would be pleased to see a publisher directly assisting the
> LDP by way of simple, short term sponsorships for events of the like of
> the logo contest.
> If the prize were a twelve month subscription to a Linux magazine,
> or an open voucher for books from a publisher I probably might have
> considered contributing to the logo contest myself.
> I write, so I read, right? (sorry, that was bad :)
> As it is, the prize is really only going to be of much interest to US
> citizens because of the power requirements unless the hardware is
> intended for an export market.
> The real point here is who do we want the LDP to be seen to be
> associating with?
> I think it portrays the LDP in a favourable light to be seen to be
> working in association with the commercial publishing community.

I think that in the future, whatever the LDP does in the way of contests
and/or prizes should be viewed a little more closely.

We are in fact the `Linux' Documentation Project, therefore I would think
that whatever the "prize" (I just hate that word) would be a little more
geared to the OS we're supporting.  ?????

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