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DNS volunteer needed


In the spring, at the request of Lars Wirzenius (who was LDP leader at
the time), I registered the www.linuxdoc.org domain name, setup the zone
files in my DNS, and paid the $70 US Internic fee myself.

I'm now very displeased to see that the domain name is now being used
to run banner ads for a commercial company.  :-(

Also, I have had some difficulty interfacing with the "core team".
Given the track record so far, I've lost confidence that they aren't
going to make another big screwup.  Now that I see that money and
contracts are involved, that makes me doubly uncomfortable.

Since I'm managing the DNS, that puts me in a funny situation of being
the only person outside of the core team that could conceivably yank
the domain name away from them if things went really bad.  If there is
a mutiny of some sort, people will be approaching me to break ranks
with the core team.  I've had a domain name yanked out from under me
(linuxhq.com), and it's pretty unpleasant.  So I don't want to be in
this position.

So, I'm asking for a volunteer (preferably someone who has confidence
in the core team, or a member of the core team) to take over the DNS
duties from me.  I'll continue to run the DNS until somebody
volunteers, so don't worry about me shutting things down or anything
like that.

If I wasn't in the whois record, I probably wouldn't have been so
vocal about the banner ad - because it wouldn't reflect on me
indirectly.  So volunteering to take over my DNS duties would be a
good way to shut me up.  :-)


 - Jim

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