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Re: SGML-Tools-1.15

> I would like to know what this is.  I thought the latest was 1.0.11
> formerly posted in Brazil.

Yes. But there was a bug, and your suggested fix with no patch
included.  When Joshua announced his version, I tought I could give it
a try.  Since there has been no feedback about 1.0.11, and some people
was getting angry, I considered it worth trying even if I won't
compile sgml in the near future.

I don't know why Joshua renamed it to follow a different scheme and
why he chose "15". However, this is not a real issue when a package is
officially unmaintained. 

> 1.0.11 compiled after a minor fix and only had one warning message.

Yes, and that minor fix was already fixed in the Debian package. I
browsed the Debian patch and it does exactly what you suggested (in
addition to other changed mostly meant to comply to the Debian
conventions on file names and locations).

It can't give a single warning as the C++ code gives tons of warnings.
It explicitly uses -Wall (which I always do as well) but doesn't seem
to care about those warnings. While they may be benign, I learnt to
deprecate them.


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