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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 terry@animats.net wrote:

> On 25 Oct, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> > If we have bad press, and if that press has valid concerns, then we
> > should fix those concerns.  If we were victims of a slur campaign,
> > we won't win anyone by spending our resources in debate, but we
> > will win if we respond with a better system.  If the red light goes
> > on, do you argue with the car or check your oil?
> I'm not sure what relevance this has to the point in question.
> > The moral: Treat the disease, not the symptoms.
> Yes, so why do you want to disease the LDP?

Garry seems to note that while some of the diseases were handled and some
of them seem to be cured there may be others we should cure. 

I don't see going to expo's will solve anything about the static
reputation the LDP has gotten. To solve it you need to show progress on
the place they detected the problem (most propably the website and their

Part of it may be because people have a CD being 1 year old and then
starting to complain it has no documentation out of 1999 on it. They
forget the obvious thing here. Their CD is created somewhere in 1998 so
it's impossible to have up-to-date info on them.

Personally I don't think one should overrate slashdot. There are too many
people down there that rant on any idea being it good or bad.


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