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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

On 25 Oct, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> If they see some swimming well, others floundering, they will ask
> "why does Terry swim so well" and copy him.  They will try his hair
> style, the brand of beer he drinks, but as soon as they discover it
> is because he read the free docs for the free software, they will
> know it is the Right Thing the same way you and I both recognized 
> our more efficient path to learning Linux was the free docs.

What you want is a forum for *publishers* of Linux documentation, not
authors of it.

I think I can see how what you're talking about relates to that idea.

Get a whole bunch of *publishers* into a room, make sure they're
coloured with shades of grey (gray) from "free" to "non-free" as
appropriate to the works they publish, and somehow hope that the most
successful will lead the rest, or at least that the others will follow?

I still think this could be achieved without the LDP having to suggest
that non-free works are endorsed by the LDP.

Didn't we already discuss the idea that the LDP should maintain a
bibliography of Linux documentation somewhere, tagged with licensing


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