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Re: Informal survey (was Re: Banner ads)

On 25 Oct, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> Ah .. yes, you have cross-read some emails.  This is a different
> thread.  This thread is about the need to promote the LDP through
> promotions and appearances, and the need to counter the collateral
> damage done by the SlashDot critics.

Hmm.. I think I've pursued what must have been a throw-away line on your
part, where you talked about a meta-organisation ..

> Non-free, free.  Do you really think, honestly, that it matters?

yes, I absolutely do, honestly. The freedom is the whole point of it. I
wouldn't write documentation if it weren't free. I don't mean I
wouldn't do it for money - I have, but I won't do it if the resulting
document isn't free.

> at least now, both message threads are the same subject ;)

I'm afraid I'm no less confused about what you're actually saying.
So I'll just drop it.


terry@animats.net, terry@linux.org.au, terry@albert.vk2ktj.ampr.org

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