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metadata for LDP and more

as i mentioned in earlier e-mail and as kendall just wrote, we've been
working on an initial description of metadata elements for Linux Documents
of all sorts derived from Dublin Core elements with an XML DTD and a
prototype entry template that produces XML for use in a variety of
database applications.


we in this case are: Miles Efron, Kendall Clark, Jane Greenberg, Matt
Knuppel, Ishmael Olea, Paul Jones and Victor Ruiz (sorry if i left anyone

The idea is that the metadata conform to known standards, be somewhat
independent of the documents (like say card catalogue records), be simple
enough to be filled out by the authors (like the LSMs), be easily shared,
and enhance searching and retrival of relevant documents. in theory,
someone could do a template based search (sorta like
http://metalab.unc.edu/linsearch/ ) and find a How-to on modems in Polish,
or all the documents written by Victor, or even all video sources of eric
raymond talks which may not even be on-line.

please let us know what you think.

                             Paul Jones
   "We must protect our precious bodily fluids!" General Jack D Ripper
http://MetaLab.unc.edu/pjones/ at the Site Formerly Known As SunSITE.unc.edu
  pjones@MetaLab.unc.edu   voice: (919) 962-7600     fax: (919) 962-8071 

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