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Re: Sponsorship Funding of the LDP

>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph Cheek <joseph@cheek.com> writes:

    Joseph> fyi, this is exactly what the linuxkb has done, built a
    Joseph> meta-project that expands and extends upon the ldp.  the
    Joseph> v3 [current] website is not completely open, as is the
    Joseph> derivative CD, but the v4 site/CD will be.
    Joseph> http://linuxkb.cheek.com.

FWIW, the forthcoming LDP Core metadata standard, and tools, is going
to make building this kind of site much, much easier. Perhaps too
easy. :>


And thank you most of all for nuclear power, which is yet to
cause a single proven fatality, at least in this country.

                -- Homer Simpson
                   Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? 

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