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Re: SGML-Tools-1.15

    Alesssandro Rubini wrote:
    >Got it.
    >Compiled and installed on a Debian system. Not run, yet, just installed.
I would like to know what this is.  I thought the latest was 1.0.11
formerly posted in Brazil.  Tim B. has it.  Note that 1.15 may be
something done by the Poet as it's at his site.  1.0.11 compiled after a
minor fix and only had one warning message.  It fixed at least one major
bug in 1.0.9 (per my test).  Thus I suggest you get 1.0.11 and note my
proposed fix to get it to compile (which I posted Oct. 14 to this list). 
I've told Poet and Tim B about 1.0.11 in a previous Email and suggested
that they could incorportate my fix and their possible fixes and call it
1.0.12. Note that the version number 1.15 doesn't make sense.  Was 1.0.15

                David Lawyer
    >        * missing "endif" in Makefile
    >        * sgmlpre is not compiled (but it is installed)
    >        * rtf-fix (rtftortf) is not there but is installed
    >        - zillions of warnings and such, but that's how the package is :-(

        [fixes followed]    

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