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Re: Union?

    The FSF documentation that I've looked at could stand a lot of improvement.
    I've seen docs poorly organized, missing important info etc.

Are you talking about our manuals, or informal README files?  If you
are talking about manuals, this sounds like terribly serious flaws.
Have you sent specific bug reports for these manuals?

    Another problem is the licensing issue.  We allow authors to restrict
    modification of their docs (but recommend that they don't do this).

Such documents are non-free.  I hope you will not accept them, since
they cannot qualify as free documentation.  It would be necessary to
look for free replacements for them sooner or later.

    Even if this is done, LDP would still allow the author more leeway than

The LDP is a documentation project; the GPL is a license which is used
for software, not for documentation.  Is it meaningful to compare such
disparate entities?  I don't think so.

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