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Re: GNU/Linux

<CITE>Then, I dare ask him: "what does the word ``Linux'' mean?"

I think you missed the point of those two comments. The first comment was
to make sure we definately do not align ourselves with the GNU/Linux name.
It is a mistake, as Linux in no way shape or form GNU but a compilation of
utilities, tools, and packages that are designed to run within the Linux
Kernel user space.

The second comment was to defend the LDP in that doors are not closing and
opportunities are not leaving just because GNOME or KDE are going with the
OSWG with there documentation projects. As stated I think we should help
document KDE and GNOME, but not how do I use this KDE package with
Solaris, but yes to how do I use thiS KDE package with Linux.

<CITE>If KDE is not Linux, then Linux is the kernel proper (with, maybe, the
<CITE>few packages that are Linux-kernel-specific: kbd, util-linux,
<CITE>ipchains, third party drivers -- not much more).  But if you only want
<CITE>to document Linux, then you should only document the kernel and
<CITE>specific tools.  Then, most of the current LDP stuff is definitely out
<CITE>of topic.

No you document specific tools with use in Linux.

<CITE>If Linux is the whole operating system, then are not GNOME and KDE
<CITE>part of the operating system? What is the argument to draw the line?

Again see above.

<CITE>In my opinion, the LDP should collect and organize documentation for
<CITE>the Linux kernel and free software that can be run on the Linux kernel
<CITE>-- what typically constitutes a so-called Linux distribution,
<CITE>excluding non-free components.

This is short sighted IMHO, and the LDP wasn't created to only document
free stuff, it was created to create free documentation.

<CITE>a small percentage of current distributions), but to give credit to
<CITE>the *idea* of delivering a free operating system, and 15+ years of
<CITE>activity pushing towards that aim.  And Linux really is, strictly
<CITE>speaking, just the kernel.

That is not in any way what the LDP is about.

<CITE>While I know the question is debated all over the world and it's
<CITE>incredibly easy to turn mailing lists into flame arenas, I post my
<CITE>*strong* vote for supporting the name ``GNU/Linux'' in the manifesto.

We are not the GNU/Linux or the RedHat Linux or Yellow Dog Documentation
project. We are the Linux Documentation Project. Let's leave it at that.

Poet/Joshua Drake

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