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Re: GNU/Linux

On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:

> The second comment was to defend the LDP in that doors are not closing and
> opportunities are not leaving just because GNOME or KDE are going with the
> OSWG with there documentation projects. As stated I think we should help
> document KDE and GNOME, but not how do I use this KDE package with
> Solaris, but yes to how do I use thiS KDE package with Linux.

In many papers and postings free software/open source movement (or however
you want to call it) is referred as meritocracy e.g. more you contribute
more you are valued. Thus I would agree it would be wrong for any
documentation project to have "exclusive" rights to write documentation
for certain open platform. Also competition between projects similar to
competition between GNOME and KDE in my opinion is a good thing. So why
not two documentation projects.


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