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Re: free vs. non-free debate

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> I don't think it's in our "charter" to dictate to people what they
> should use.  We should provide a higher emphasis on free software,
> but denying documentation about non-free software is shooting the
> Linux community in the foot.

My view of the ldp (as a user, not developer) is that it tries to provide
comprehensive documentation for the Linux (hence, I thought, the name). As
long as there is still non-free (in either sense of the word) software
that is being used, and in need of documentation, the ldp should not
refuse it. IMHO, documentation for every aspect of the running/seting
up/networking/using/etc. of a linux system should be covered. Be it GPL'ed
software or otherwise.

I think we all feel that free software is preferable, but it is surely
down to the user to decide.

I feel that the Linux Documentation Project has a responsibility to
document Linux, as much of it as possible. Otherwise rename it the GNU
doc. project, or something.

just my $0.02

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