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Re: free vs. non-free debate

On Thu, 04 Nov 1999, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

> What exactly do you consider a "working SGML package"?

A *.tgz file I can download and compile on my i486 machine.

> I write documents daily using the DocBook DTD, and the LinuxDoc DTD
> (I think that's the other one), and convert them to HTML and RTF.
> All of my editing is done in plain text, writing my own tags, using
> GXedit.

Egads, another editor to learn?

>> BTW Tim, where are the "free" postings to comp.os.linux.answers?  My
>> last record is from Mar 25 1998.

> "free" postings?  What are those?

Have you ever heard of "netnews"?

The comp.os.linux.answers was created for distribution of LDP


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