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Re: free vs. non-free debate

> What exactly do you consider a "working SGML package"?  I write
> documents daily using the DocBook DTD, and the LinuxDoc DTD (I think
> that's the other one),

It can be done, but it's not easy.  When I went hunting for the SGML
tools a few months ago I found it was ridiculously difficult. 
Ridiculous due to poor documentation.

Mention of Linuxdoc led me to Freshmeat and web searches to
Which points to the new location
Which says SGMLtools has been suspended.


More general searches for Linux SGML picked up a lot of noise from the
mention of SGML within the LDP documents themselves...arguably search
engine failures, although perhaps could be aided if a comment in the
document headers included a link toward the HOWTO HOWTO.

Even now, there is only a mention of the new DocBook guide in
Which is an improvement, as that book had not been published when I was

The LDP site should have more obvious reference of the available
packages and links to the HOWTO HOWTO and other starting points, if any
others...it's hard to tell if there are others.

The best documentation I ended up with was actually within the DocBook
package.  But until I installed it I had very few indications that this
was the package which I needed.

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