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Re: Some technical suggestions

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 10:58:38PM +0000, cogNiTioN wrote:
[ howto command ]

Interesting, but we need to index each document first.

> > Someone has made an online Linux encyclopedia which I found
> > very useful and comprehenive. The author stated he is not happy
> > with its low visibility, so why not join forces and invite him
> > and his "Pedia" on board? It already contains many links to HOWTOs
> > so we should perhaps help by reciprocating. Check
> >       http://members.aa.net/~swear/pedia/index.html
> IMHO, I think the LDP should join together and link to all other linux
> documentation projects. This could get confusing, tho. so the link could
> only be added if it has unique content, an easier way of looking at
> things, something that makes it worthwhile linking to. 

I could invite him if there's a public agreement.

> Also, could the LDP set up a mailing list that enabled users to send
> questions or requests to help? I realise this could well be swamped

This should be done on usenet.

> .org domain for co-ordinating the worldwide lugs? Could LDP
> help with this? The more the LDP does, (obviously the more the user will
> benefit, but also) the more people will hear the LDP mentioned, and this
> will increase their awareness of our presence.

There're many projets we're discussing, but the LDP can't do *anything*.

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