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Re: Howdy...

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Rupert Heine wrote:

> subscribe
> Please
> ... I sent a message to Tim Bynum before I found this e-mail address...sorry
> Just downloaded "Armed/Linux" from your website ... clean downloaded but it wouldn't open the  "img" portion of the file... some sort of CRC problem.
> This is the second huge Linux file that wouldn't open the "img" portion.
> I'm using WinZip6?. 

I'm not a Linux installation guru, but AFAIK the .img files are NOT
std. compressed files, they are disk images, which need to be copied on to
a disk to work. I'm guessing the .img in question is called boot.img, or
something similar. Somewhere in the downloaded stuff you should have a
program called rawrite, which can be used to extract the disc image, and
place it on the disk (a normal copy will not work). I can't recall how to
use this program, but instructions should be provided with the program.

I'm not familiar with the distribution you've downloaded, but the ones
I've come across you have to extract the boot.img to a floppy disk and
then reboot the machine with the floppy disk in the drive. This will start
the install process.

> Should I use another un-compress program?
> I am exhausted with trying to get Linux off the Internet... having put close to 40 straight hours into the process.
> Please... help!

DON'T give up. My first few download attempts failed, so I went out and
got a CD with it on (well I actually had the CD delivered to my door...),
and I installed it first time. Havn't looked back since.

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