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Re: Some technical suggestions

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On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Stein Gjoen wrote:

> OK, some early comments first, from just perusing the code.
> HOWTO_DIR="/usr/doc/howto/html"
> On the Redhat 6.0 box I am using it is 
>    /usr/doc/HOWTO/other-formats/html
> When the next updates come they will probably use FHS rather than FSSTND
>    http://www.pathname.com/fhs/
> which in this case means the /usr/doc/ path will change to /usr/share/doc
> (assuming no last minute changes).

the HOWTO_DIR variable is user defineable. The default is what it is
because my system (SuSE 5.2) uses that. The default should be changed.
> # Checking for a tmp dir
> if [ ! -e $WORKING_DIR/tmp/. ]
> then
> mkdir $WORKING_DIR/tmp
> fi
> where WORKING_DIR="/usr/local/bin/ldp"

> is rather dangerous, as the entire /usr tree should be workable
> even if mounted read-only and across NFS. Since you use a
> shell script you could use the old trick about TMP=/tmp/$$
> where $$ expands into current process number.

OK, I'll fix that.
> For pulling files across you rely on wget, this should probably
> be stated, or even checked for. Also it seems more user friendly
> to check for write permission before attempting updates.

Checks on everything will be included, as will information in the
documentation about what programs are required. Write permission before
updates, Yep will do.
> Things are a little busy here now so more feedback will have to
> wait for a while. So far it looks like we are getting there.

Things are getting busier here, hence rushed release of program.
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