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Caution: Newbie online.


    I'm relatively new Linux though not new to computers or programming.  I 
am curious what sort of tasks LDP might need done.  Don't know if I'm a 
good fit; but, heck I'll never know nor will LDP, if I don't try.

    I'll do anything but double park.  No job is too menial if it helps me 
learn the ropes and figure out who's who, what's what, and where Carrier is 
and why they keep telling him, "No!".  I have a moderate amount of free 
time, Caldera's OpenLinux 2.3, a dial up 56K ISP, a college degree (I think 
that's what it says any way), and at least three neurons, at last count, 
which still function.

    Any thoughts from anyone where I might focus my waning years of talent 
for the benefit of Linux?  (Gawd, you opened yourself up there Mac!)

- Nelson ... 

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