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Re: Caution: Newbie online.

>> >>>> "N" == Nelson Ingersoll <ningersoll@codenet.net> writes: >> >
> >   N> Any thoughts from anyone where I might focus my waning years of
    >> >    N> talent for the benefit of Linux?  (Gawd, you opened yourself up
    >> >    N> there Mac!)
    >> David Lawyer then responded:
    >> Someone not in the LDP suggested that you convert docs to DocBook. There
    >> are already a few people looking into this and one more will not help that
    >> much in sorting it out. 
    Howard Mann wrote:
    >I do think we should discusss the issue of converting documents to
    >DocBook further.If a decision is made to do so, then offers of
    >assistance from folks like Nelson Ingersoll would be _most_ welcome. In
    >brief, we could direct them as follows:
    ........ (snip)
    I didn't suggest stopping discussion of DocBook or the present effort in
    that regard.  Note that Nelson Ingersoll did not come to us and offer to
    work on DocBook.  He asked how he could help and a couple of people
    suggested DocBook.  Now LDP is very shorthanded, yet we have 3 or 4 people
    already working on the DocBook situation: Greg Ferguson, Poet, Mark
    Komarinski, and perhaps Vern Hoxie (who tried unsuccessfully to get and
    use it).  With more people on a project, there are more communication
    problems and more duplication of effort.  Thus I thought that it would be
    more productive for a new volunteer to work on one of the many other
    important projects. 
    > > I can't go to DocBook since my computer can't  handle it. 
    > >What do you mean by this ?

    I use a 486 with a 66mHMz chip and a 33MHz bus.  For SGML-1 it is very slow.
    But others reported that SGML-1 is fast and SGML-2 is very slow.  So how 
    fast would SGML-2 run on my PC (if it would run at all)?  Also, I only 
    have about 10MB of free disk space and Verne Hoxie reported it took 
    several times this disk space.  I've never bought a PC but have worked 
    the past 10+ years with Unix-Like and Linux systems on computers that 
    others gave up on.  So I don't feel like breaking my tradition in this 
    regard just so I can run DocBook.
                                David Lawyer

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