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Re: Caution: Newbie online.

David Lawyer wrote:
>     Howard Mann wrote:
>     >I do think we should discusss the issue of converting documents to
>     >DocBook further.If a decision is made to do so, then offers of
>     >assistance from folks like Nelson Ingersoll would be _most_ welcome. In
>     >brief, we could direct them as follows:
>     ........ (snip)
>     I didn't suggest stopping discussion of DocBook or the present effort in
>     that regard.  Note that Nelson Ingersoll did not come to us and offer to
>     work on DocBook.  He asked how he could help and a couple of people
>     suggested DocBook.  Now LDP is very shorthanded, yet we have 3 or 4 people
>     already working on the DocBook situation: Greg Ferguson, Poet, Mark
>     Komarinski, and perhaps Vern Hoxie (who tried unsuccessfully to get and
>     use it).  With more people on a project, there are more communication
>     problems and more duplication of effort.  Thus I thought that it would be
>     more productive for a new volunteer to work on one of the many other
>     important projects.

I have to agree with David here. Joshua/Poet, Greg, Vern, maybe the 4
of us can get together and work on this ourselves, and come back
to the LDP at large once we get something working.  I'm still having
trouble.  Bleah.

Once we have a working process, we will need to do a few things:
1) Get the conversion process started (either by hand or automagically).
2) Have some way for those with older systems to verify DocBook
LDP documents.  Web page, volunteers with faster machines, stripped
down sgmltools?  Someone can think about that.
3) While we're converting, or even before, give everyone the chance to
polish their docs and release new versions.
4) Of course, find out what docs are no longer being maintained
and get new maintainers.

There's always adding newbies to the QC group, let them get their
feet wet reviewing docs and then let them loose with their own docs.
This would probably require some stricter guidelines and QC docs so
newbies would know what is and is not correct for LDP use.


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