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Re: General question on translations

>>>>> "T" == Tim  <tjbynum@wallybox.cei.net> writes:

    T> Perhaps you could have the link to the non-english links at the
    T> top?

You wouldn't need to distinguish: The list can include all languages,
including English, so the same code can be used on all localized

Perhaps this will help: In another international org that I work with,
we have a similar problem of regional (localized) content and a large
collection of mirrored content, but needed a unified interface.  We
handle the problem with two design features, a pulldown list that will
jump to any of the local regions, and a standard style-sheet that
ensures markup is rendered consistently regardless of the locale (with
some allowances for things such as cultural colour associations) This
lets each regional site maintain their own front page without causing
a great jarring sensation when you move from any one of the dozen or
so front pages into any of the mirrored content.

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