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Re: General question on translations

On Nov 21,  1:32pm, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> Subject: General question on translations
> I received a call today and was surprised to find no easy answer: They
> wanted to find, or even purchase, Linux docs in Spanish.  I searched
> all the usual bookstore sites and came up with nothing, and when I got
> to the new LDP homepage, I was surprised to find there was no ready
> means for people to get to only the Spanish (or any other docs) even by
> going to one of the mirrors in Spain.

Off http://www.linuxdoc.org/docs.html :

- If any of the Guides have been translated, there is a specific link
  provided to the non-English translation(s)

- If any of the HOWTOS have been translated, there is a specific link
  provided to the non-English translations

- I currently mirror HOWTOs and some Guides from various L10N
  sites, if someone has a site that they would like included in
  this process, please let me know. We need to maintain some simple
  underlying directory layout conventions for this to work effectively,
  however (not a big deal, but should be mentioned).

- FYI - we mirror HOWTO translations for the following languages:
  french, spanish, japanese, italian, polish, hellenic,
  slovenian, croatian, indonesian, korean, chinese, swedish.

In addition (as was mentioned) we have a collection of links
for non-English linux work: http://www.linuxdoc.org/links/nenglish.html
If individuals would like additional links added, use the "Add a Link"
href found at the top of the aforementioned page.


Do people feel we still need to do more than this?


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