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e-mail research

I am currently doing research for our corporation for an enterprise wide

e-mail solution.  Since our merger, we now have offices in Ann Arbor (20

people), Orlando (30), Dallas (30) and Austin with four people.  Our
e-mail solution should be able to support all of our internal e-mail
plus all of our client's service and support e-mail.  It must be able to

support all IMAP clients, be web based for remote access, have high
availability (99.99%), etc.  I am looking for places to do research to
determine all of our options, software required, cost, and also very
importantly, success stories.  If anyone can provide me with any
assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.

If this is an inappropriate request for this mailing list, please accept
my humble apologies.

Thanks for your time,
Gary Abernathy

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