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Re: CVS list

Tim wrote:
> We've run into a problem though in mirroring the CVS repositories.
> It looks as though (at least for the time being) that we'll only
> have one of the CVS repositories available for commitments.  Both will
> be available for checkouts, but we'll have quite a bit of work ahead
> of us in regards to commits, but don't lose faith, I'm sure we'll
> come up with a solution.

AFAIK CVS only works with one repository and it lacks synchronization
features among many of them.

You could mirror the contents of the central repository - perhaps you
could even wrap it in another repository that would contains ,v,v
files and make the second copy read-only, but I can't see how you
could check-in simultaneously (branches come to mind, but that's
probably not what you want since there still has to be someone to
merge them into the main trunk).

P. S.:  Just my 2 stotins.  Please let me know if you do find a solution,
because I have a similar problem.

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