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Re: GZips of HOWTOs query

On Nov 24,  7:03pm, Tim wrote:
> Subject: Re: GZips of HOWTOs query
> >     I just noticed for the fourth or fifth time that there is a
> > complete  GZ/Tar of the plain text HOWTOs but not of the HTML
> > etc HOWTOs.  Is there a reason for this that is not immediately
> > apparent to a novice like me?
> Basically b/c there were so many HTML files.  Take a peak.....you'll be
> suprised.  The tarball of them is rather large.  I've implemented this
> into my scripts, but have yet to go through with the upload.
> Tonight I will attempt the upload of HOWTOs and this may perhaps be
> in the lot, otherwise it will be visible on Sunday evening.

Once Tim makes this file available, I will provide a pointer
to it from within www.linuxdoc.org/docs.html#howto (or from


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