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Re: LDP question

Such a tool would be very interesting.

I'm wondering if someone would like to write it?

It's just a matter of browsing an index to sort relevant documents.

On Fri, Nov 26, 1999 at 01:28:38PM -0600, Daniel Webb wrote:
>    I had an idea about a Linux help system, and I wanted to find out
> from you if such a thing already exists.  
>    One of the problems with Linux as a beginner (like me), is that when
> you need help to perform a given task (say for example, I want to make a
> new filesystem on a empty hard disk), there doesn't seem to be an
> intuitive way to find out how to do what you want.  You basically have
> to read and be familiar with hundreds of pages of HOW-TOs, man pages,
> and guides, just to know where you should start looking.  I have seen a
> tool called lsearch (a free tool) that can index a local site for
> searching.  It can index a huge amount of text for searching very
> quickly.  This seems like it would be very helpful for a beginner (or
> expert).
>    If you think this might be worthwhile and if there isn't a similar
> project underway, I am volunteering to try some ways of setting this up
> into a more useful help system.  Something a little closer to the
> Microsoft Windows help system (although I find their help system very
> difficult to find what I need as well).
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