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RE: comments on website

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> From: Kendall Clark []
> Sent: Saturday, November 27, 1999 7:25 PM
> To: Poet/Joshua Drake
> Subject: Re: comments on website
> If you aren't willing to do it right, why not find someone else who
> is?

Knock it off, these guys have a heck of a lot of work to do, and they're
doing a great job with the resources at their disposal.

> What is? The referent of "Technical Community" or (erroneous) it's
> capitalized? I suppose I should have just said: "this is vague as to
> meaning and, regardless of what it means, it shouldn't be
> capitalized." Is that more direct?

I belive the technical community to be somewhat obvious.  Not sure about
capitalization, but if worst came to worse I could argue it with one of the
english profs at work.

>     Joshua> I would like to hear some of your thoughts on
>     Joshua> this. Specifically what would be your utopia... I am not
>     Joshua> being sarcastic but a lot of the feedback we get is just
>     Joshua> vague or non-representative of a logical solution.
> Read it again, then; my feedback wasn't trying to present, or
> represent for that matter, a logical solution, nor was it vague. It
> simply asked whether some very basic documentation engineering kinds
> of questions had been addressed. If they haven't, why not? If they
> have, where are the answers?
> Doesn't *someone* on the "core team" have experience with engineering
> SGML-based documentation projects? Failing that, has anyone ever used
> DocBook for a large (say, more than 50 or 100 documents) document set?
> If not, <shudder/>. Someone better buy a copy of Norm Walsh's DocBook:
> A Definitive Guide from O'Reilly and start reading *fast*.
> In any event, any discussion of these issues that isn't merely a
> parody of real engineering work lies far outside the scope of this
> thread. If the "core team" wants to gain a real advantage from
> adopting DocBook, they surely need to compel someone who knows what
> that entails to provide some guidance. Otherwise there isn't 
> any point 
> at all to move to DocBook.

This is an "open" project.  We're attemting to do things better than one
person could do them, by utilizing a group.  That's why this is the LDP
DISCUSS list, and not the LDP dictators list, or something like that.  We
want to get the people who actually write some of these documents to give us
feedback on how the DTDs can be use most effectively, for the entire
project.  As we talk and discuss with HOWTO, Guide, and FAQ authors, we can
learn what each needs, and craft the specification to the needs of the whole
community.  You don't seem very familiar with the way that "open" projects
tend to be run, which makes your comments sound strange to those of us who
have been in this world for a while.  
I'll stop here, because all of the other comments that I could make would
degrade into flames, and I only allow those when dealing with the Flying
Monkeys (a.k.a. Microsoft Newsgroup Spammers).

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