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Re: Website, spam, etc

On Mon, Nov 29, 1999 at 11:01:51AM -0800, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
> <CITE>The site and logo look great! all that i miss from a usability standpoint
> <CITE>is a decent search engine (heck even an indecent one); this is sorely
> <CITE>needed and we, at metalab, are more than happy to help do whatever it
> <CITE>takes to get one up with you.

One think I've discussed with the CVS team : could metalab host our
primary DNS?

> Search engine is being implemented by Greg as we speak.

udmsearch or htdig ?

Sorry to bring that again, but I'm not sure udmsearch would be better.

This morning I've been setting htdig on www.tradere.org (it's a
christian site from the Dominicans ; click on the last icon : "Index du

It indexed tradere.org which contains the whole bible in 4 versions plus
many other documents (worth several hundred megabytes) in approx 5
minutes and it's responding incredibly fast (try a search on Jesus)

> <CITE>The banner must die! soon i hope so that the logo gets the better
> <CITE>attention that it deserves. congrats to crdempsey@uswest.net
> December 15 and we will never see it again :)

Thanks a lot for all your work, the website looks great now (BTW just
received a comment, CC'ed to ldp-discuss)

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