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Re: Comments on Website


8 bit alert :) It will be viewable but will not look as good. However the
site does work in Lynx :) In regards to consistent look and feel, we have
(team) actually talked about this and we felt that leaving it as a book
would be useful. E.g.; The front page has the snazz but the rest are a
clean Blue and White... What are your thoughts?


On Sat, 27 Nov 1999, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

<CITE>I'll make my actual comments about the "new look" of the website here, so
<CITE>that they don't get tangled into anything else.  I really like the feel of
<CITE>the new page, although I haven't brough it up on my other machine which has
<CITE>only 8-bit color.  If this design works out, I think that we probably need a

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