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Re: Comments on Website

On Sat, 27 Nov 1999, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:

> Hello,
> 8 bit alert :) It will be viewable but will not look as good. However the
> site does work in Lynx :) In regards to consistent look and feel, we have
> (team) actually talked about this and we felt that leaving it as a book
> would be useful. E.g.; The front page has the snazz but the rest are a
> clean Blue and White... What are your thoughts?

I use lynx almost exclusively, and the site works fine. And it is alot
easier to use than lots of sites are.

I think there should be a consistant design through out the site, but that
doesn't have to mean that the secondary pages need all the bells and
whistles the main page has.
As for the comments on grammer/syntax; I think that while it is important
to check the spellings and readability of the pages, they needn't be 100%
grammatically correct. Half the things that were pointed out I hadn't
noticed. While I feel the site should look as professional as possible, I
think it is important to remember that AFAIK, no-one on the team does the
LDP professionaly, this is all done in their spare time, fitted around
their jobs and lives. (If you want to check sites for spelling errors,
fancy pointing your browser to www.cognite.net? ;)

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