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Re: umm... shouldn't this be easier?


> I've been listening in on this list for a few weeks now, and I'm actually
> rather surprised that only one other person seems to be having trouble
> with the tools.  For my part, I've spent a good deal of time trying to get
> the stupid things to either compile or install, all to no avail.  I'm
> running Slackware 3.9 (same as 4.0, except with 2.0 kernel) and can't seem
> to get anything to work.  Would someone please help me?

I'd be happy to.  We've talked in the past about your HOWTO and I was
unaware that you were having problems.

> Is there maybe someone that has rigged a web interface that I can drop my
> sgml on?

Give me a shout and I'll work something out with you.
If you'll let me know what sort of problems your having with your tools
and what version your using (either sgml-tools or sgmltools) I'm sure we
can get you up and running.


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