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Re: umm... shouldn't this be easier?

> I'd be happy to.  We've talked in the past about your HOWTO and I was
> unaware that you were having problems.

yup, nothing but errors :P

> Give me a shout and I'll work something out with you.
> If you'll let me know what sort of problems your having with your tools
> and what version your using (either sgml-tools or sgmltools) I'm sure we
> can get you up and running.

I'm trying to write a howto, so I figure that I should be using 1.x
something since I need to do it in LinuxDoc.

I've tried both versions 1 and 2 in different forms.  I even got an rpm
and rpm2tgz'd it.  but so far, nothing much works.  At one point I got
1.0.4 (I think) to compile, but the installer failed.  One of my biggest
problems is that the configure script can never seem to find TeX (which I
installed from the source, finally, it's teTeX btw)

Anyway, nothing seems to work (I tried to install LyX too, it segfaults)
and I'm kinda dead in the water now.  I'm going with Mark Komarinski on
this one in stating how crappy these tools are :P


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