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Re: ldp website

I have only looked at the new page with the lynx text-only browser.  
It's not as good as it formerly was since there is far too much blank
space.  There used to be (when Greg Hankins ran it) far more
information on the first page using lynx but now its mostly blank.  A
major defect is that one sees: "We are now accepting DocBook".  Later
it explains that we only accept DocBook for the Guides.  This should
have been clear in the first sentence. 

I think that all discussion re DocBook and sgml should be removed from the
first page.  People come to the site looking for documentation and most of
them have no idea what "DocBook" and other mark-up language terms mean.  To
them it's like we said: "We are now accepting xyzpdq." 

                David Lawyer

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