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Re: ldp website

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 dave@lafn.org wrote:

> I have only looked at the new page with the lynx text-only browser.  
> It's not as good as it formerly was since there is far too much blank
> space.  There used to be (when Greg Hankins ran it) far more
> information on the first page using lynx but now its mostly blank.  A

Try pressing the spacebar. I use lynx exclusivly on my Linux box, and I
think the page is fine. Past the front page the site is very lynx
compatiable. And the front page is better than most sites I visit.

After having tried out the page in NN, it looks really GOOD. Good job
guys. I think it outways a slightly less lynx friendly front page.

> major defect is that one sees: "We are now accepting DocBook".  Later
> it explains that we only accept DocBook for the Guides.  This should
> have been clear in the first sentence. 
> I think that all discussion re DocBook and sgml should be removed from the
> first page.  People come to the site looking for documentation and most of
> them have no idea what "DocBook" and other mark-up language terms mean.  To
> them it's like we said: "We are now accepting xyzpdq." 

I've got no idea what docbook (sorry: DocBook) is, but I don't think its
use is confusing to anyone, just not relevent to perhaps the majority of
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