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Re: New Kernel Guide

>>>>> "G" == Guylhem Aznar <guylhem@oeil.qc.ca> writes:

    G> But I think such a book would need daily fixes (to stay
    G> current) and wouldn't fit paper.

That all depends on how you approach the topic: You can give people
information or you can teach them how to learn.  The former is a kind
of welfare, and the latter should be the goal of any good tech book.

We are working on a design/functional spec, so the content will change
relatively slowly --- it's my bet that most competent software
engineers do not need someone to read them the source code or to
detail every function and message, but they do need the architectural
plans. Unlike implementation details, architecture tends to only
change on minor number boundaries.

An implementation spec would still be nice to have, but, for what you
want to do, it would be best to have literate programming practices by
the kernel programmers themselves (a format for mixing documentation
with the source code). Since Linus is not a big fan of adding non-code
to source files, Knuth's dream is not likely to be a Linux reality.

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