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Re: New Kernel Guide

On Thu, Dec 02, 1999 at 09:15:09PM -0500, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> It is not impossible, but it is not something I'd want to volunteer to
> produce in my spare time --- a 6 month publisher-funded ORA-style OPL
> contract with numerous paid contributors was the best compromise I
> could find.  Of course, like the ORA and NewRiders books, the B-option
> licence means the LDP will not accept our book when it is done, but
> being OPL, if you can wait for a while, you could just plunder it for
> content ideas and then re-write the contents into a new GPL book.

We could use the CVS for chapters to be written independantly, and quick
updates (for the license, a DGPL with 6 month exclusivity could fix the

But I think such a book would need daily fixes (to stay current) and
wouldn't fit paper.

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