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problems with sgml2txt (and tables ;)

I get a cryptic error from sgml2txt:

<standard input>:363: warning: indent cannot be negative
<standard input>:489: warning: indent cannot be negative

The SGML file ends at row 354, but sgml2txt adds extra lines to
the txt file.

sgml2txt also seems to make carbage of the section headers. (They
display ok in more, but the carbage is visible with Netscape and
vi.) Why could that be?

<table>s turned out problematic as well. For example, sgml2txt
doesn't format long rows into multiple lines of txt. Maybe I have
to present the information in a more txt-friendly way.

You can find the current sgml, html and txt files for my
mini-howto at http://www.helsinki.fi/~rvaranka/Linux/HOWTO/

Risto Varanka | http://www.helsinki.fi/~rvaranka/              

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