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Re: problems with sgml2txt (and tables ;)

On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Risto S Varanka wrote:

> I get a cryptic error from sgml2txt:
> <standard input>:363: warning: indent cannot be negative
> <standard input>:489: warning: indent cannot be negative
> The SGML file ends at row 354, but sgml2txt adds extra lines to
> the txt file.

The lines ar SGML source. But if you include a file you need to count
these lines in as well.

> sgml2txt also seems to make carbage of the section headers. (They
> display ok in more, but the carbage is visible with Netscape and
> vi.) Why could that be?

It's good old backspace for overstrike purposes. (I guess you should try
the result on a old dot-matrix printer and see the results.


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