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Re: Documentation Integration (was suggestion)

At 11:28 15/12/99 -0800, you wrote:
>This is all part of the problem of integration of documentation for
>Linux.  The material in the info pages needs to be made available in
>other formats and a search engine is needed to search every word of
>the manual pages, info docs, howtos, etc. all with one search command.
>It would be nice if docs that come with application programs (for
>example, the detailed gnu tar manual) could be included but one
>problem is that they are supplied in various formats.  One may try
>using grep at present but it's quite primitive.  One should also be
>able to restrict a search to certain subsets or types of documents in
>order to speed up the search.  Keyword searching on just the abstract
>(or the like) of each doc would also be useful.  David Wheeler has
>been looking into integration problems but more people are needed to
>work on this.  
>                    David Lawyer
Well i'm keen - who do i get in touch with? David Wheeler? How? Is there a group of some sort working on this?
Sorry for the question-cluster-bomb David but this is something that i'd love to work on. I'm on the hunt for a Linux/LDP task that grips and i think this is it. Happy happy joy joy as some toon loon once said.
Seriously though, i'm dead keen. I only run a 486 built from others rubbish but have somehow absorbed vast ammounts of info re document management/integration and suchlike over the years (it's a sort of enthusiasm of mine) and have the time to spare for a worthwhile project. So i'd really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction(s) &/or do the introductory thingy.

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