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Re: DocBook Assistance

On Fri, Dec 17, 1999 at 03:50:40PM -0500, Andy Oram wrote:
> Excusez-moi, il faut retourner  Anglais pour un moment...

Sorry we were talking of possible problems in France, because of some
stupid law which makes non-french licenses unenforceable (!!!!)

> I've worked with DocBook for a few years at O'Reilly and would like people
> struggling with it to know that we're willing to help here. Like all the rest
> of you, we're strapped for time, but we also want to see DocBook accepted, so
> there's an incentive to act as consultants. I've suffered enough with DocBook

I suggest you join the DocBook Team ; there's a mailing list to discuss
the possible problems/implementations/DTD

BTW I have temporarily taken the 'Guide Coordinator' job until the DocBook
team choose someone to lead this part of the LDP.

> (On a more positive note, DocBook becomes natural and easy to use after you
> learn the dozen or so tags you really need.)


> Lenny, in particular, told me he would put in some time for you; you
> can let me know where he might be helpful.

Everything has to be done (that's why there's a DocBook Team) and we
must ensure the conversion process from LinuxDoc to DocBook will be

BTW, there's a sgml and a xml DocBook...

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