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DocBook Assistance


In order to get the ball rolling with DocBook, I would like to form an LDP
DocBook Committee.  This will need to be a fairly tight-knit group, so if
you're up for the task then please drop me a line.

The LDP DocBook Committee will be very informal and its duties will be to
come together and set up guidelines, wish lists and documentation that will
help the LDP authors/maintainers make a smooth transition from the
SGML/linuxdoc.dtd to DocBook.

We are looking for people who are quite familiar with SGML and/or DocBook
(of course a great knowledge of the current linuxdoc.dtd will be of great
benefit as well.).

Again this will need to be a knowledgeable and very tight group of folks,
so if you are interested please drop me a line.  We hope to have a good
bit of the committee together by the end of the week.

Without this committee, there will not be much hope of moving to DocBook
in the very near future, so please offer assistance if you can.  If
DocBook and/or SGML is not one of your strong points, then I would like to
ask that you hold off on your assistance, just in the beginning while the
committee is forming. Please know that I will not turn someone down who
will offer assistance just because your knowledge of SGML or DocBook may
be lacking, but perhaps we can gather the most knowledgeable in the
beginning and then move forward allowing others to join in and offer
assistance.  Please understand that I just want us to move forward as
quickly as possible and gathering the right people in the beginning will
greatly facilitate this.

Please contact me at tjbynum@wallybox.cei.net (don't reply to the list) if
you are interested and I look forward to meeting up with all you who can
and will join in.

Best Regards,
Tim Bynum

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