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sgml-tools for Linuxdoc

Many months ago I submitted a bug report to the Debian Distribution
regarding sgml-tools.  I complained about too many blank lines.  Finally,
someone (Taketoshi Sano) is responding to this.  When I told him we
were still requiring sgml-tools (linuxdoc) for Howtos he checked LDP's
website.  Unfortunately, our site at first gives the erroneous
impression that we are accepting DocBook for Howtos but then later
corrects that.  I complained about this before and I now have an
example of the confusion it may cause.  But the main purpose of this
post is not to complain about our website (although improvement is

Taketoshi Sano has volunteered to fix real bugs in the Debian Package
for sgml-tools.  This is good news since then one can automatically
covert it to a Redhat rpm package, making it easy for authors to use

On Thu, Dec 16, 1999 at 09:56:26AM +0900, Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> Anyway, I will work to fix "real" bugs in the current Debian package 
> of sgml-tools.

He's already fixed the "too many blank lines" problem in v1.0.9 by
introducing an option to select the maximum number of contiguous blank
lines.  But what is version 1.1.15?  Where does it come from and what
is it based on.  There are also patches to fix 1.1.15.  (This result
is 1.1.16?)  Is it better than v1.0.9 (or v1.0.11)?

Note that the "too many blank lines" problem was also fixed by someone
in Brazil who came out with what he called v1.0.11 but later removed
it from his site and said it was a "bug".

Are there more real bugs in sgml-tools?  I found that I couldn't use
certain symbols in section names.  It didn't like "quotes" there.
This may not be a bug as the manual says that sometimes you need to
use &dquot instead of ".  

                                David Lawyer

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